The Bebe Wonder Story

One of the scariest and uplifting things was me being a mother for the first time. It's a fine line between who I was and what I was about to be. For as long as I knew I wanted to be a mom, but never did I know I would be so picky on the things I would want for my child, I wanted the best for him, we all do as mothers. We all want them to be comfortable, happy and feeling safe. You want them to have the best in life.

The Bebe Wonder Story

I am Apoorva, the founder of Bebe Wonder, my inspiration was my son, Leo. My son is 5 years old now and it seems to be getting harder and harder to find something that is durable and reliable, so I started looking for things that are basic, but also affordable for all walks of life.

We own a small business that provides educational, actionable, inspiring tips, ideas, and information to moms and caregivers everywhere. And ladies, we all need to talk- we’re balancing it all and life is chaotic. Here is why I’ve created a safe space filled with dynamic ladies who encourage one another. There are a lot of businesses out there. A ton, really. Every time I turn around there’s a fresh crop of people floating in their newfound zone of genius peddling their products. In our company, our vision is to utilize the power and potential of the Internet to connect consumers and brands around the world as never before – making life just a little easier for moms and caregivers!

Our Team

We are a motivated, friendly and passionate team who drive our business forward every single day to make our customers happy. Whether it’s through the latest product research and bringing them to market for you or it’s just having a chat and helping you out. We are dedicated to you.
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